•  Top 5 Best Cricket Bats Of 2020

As the new year has began , a lot of new cricket bats  have arrived in the market. But here are Top 5 Best Cricket Bats Of 2020 which would improve your batting skills and performance in Cricket .

 Presenting You Top 5 Cricket Bats Of 2020 :

1.  SS  Vintage 2.0 English Willow Cricket Bat


Prize : 21,000 /-­

 :Specialities :

  •  SS Vintage 2.0  is Hand Selected English Willow Grade 1

  • Air Dried Willow

  • Latest Shape & very light pickup

  • Thick Edges and Perfect Spine

  • Huge playing area with perfect weight

  • Well balance with a very premium carry bag

  • Weight :1160 to 1200 gm

  • Grains : 7-10 Clear Straight Grains

  • This cricket bat is Rounded from bottom , benefits of the rounded bottom are if the ball hits the bathe square bottom then a bat breaks but there is no chance in Rounded toe bat .

2. BAS Vampire Retro Vintage Legend English Willow Cricket Bat


Prize : 14,080 /- 

: Specialities :

  • Made from the finest quality English Willow

  •  Hand selected to ensure high quality and performance

  • The handle is made from premium,imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control .

  • Mid level bulge for the improvisational stroke maker .

  •  36-40 mm thickness of its edge

  •  8 – 10 Grains

  • 1160 – 1220 grams weight

3. SS MS Dhoni Edition English Willow Cricket Batwww.sportscliff.com

Prize : 36000/-


: Specialities :

  • SS MS Dhoni Cricket Bat is endrossed by Legend MS Dhoni .

  • The Bat has full profile .

  • It has Large Edges and Perfect balance Round Face . The handle is made from 12 piece cane .

  • This bat is made from player’s grade English Willow with great Ping and Power .

4. New Balance Tc 1260 English Willow Cricket Bat

Prize : 22990 /-

: Specialities :

  • The New Balance Tc 1260  L.E English Willow cricket bat is one of the best selling cricket bats

  • This Cricket Bat is superb for cricketers of varying abilities.

  • This bat is made from Top Grade English  Willow and it has Large Sweet Spot .

  • The Willow is considered as Super Grade 1 and there are 9 to 13 straight grains in it .

  • The bat is specially developed for players who want improvisational cricketing shots.

  • Weight of this bat is 1140 – 1250 gms . In this weight range a player will get maximum side edge and extra power on shots .

  • This bat is a short handle bat . The handle used for this bat is made from premium combination of Sarawak Cane Handle providing good shock absorption and power.

5. SG Players Edition English Willow Bat sportscliff.com

Price : 21,599 /-

: Specialties :

  • The SG Players Edition English Willow Bat is made from world’s finest and top of line Grade A English Willow .

  • This bat has 8 to 12 pertect straight grains .

  • Because of Willow and power of this bat it has become a very good choice of professional Cricket players .

  • This Bat is manufactured with massive sweet spot and also with very good weight distribution so that the player will get confidence to face the fast bowling attack .

  • The weight of this bat is around 1180-1250 gms so that the players will get big edge and maximum wood behind the sweet spot and also in shots .

So guys this was some very good features of The Top 5 English Willow Cricket Bats. Hope you liked the Information . Please give your feedback in the comments .

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